Talking heads - lifetime piling up

I read the scenarios and began to fantasize about the role plays.

The following day, I composed a reply and sent it to my potential Spanker.

Subject: Re: Scenarios

Those scenarios are all great.

1. Oh shit – I have been late 4 days in a row and now there is a note on my desk that my boss wants to see me. Just what I need with the downsizing going on. I hope I don't get canned. Maybe he won't be too mad and I can work something out. I'll just have to do whatever he decides because I can't lose this job.

2. Why oh why did I let that reporter get me upset during that interview. I can't believe I let him upset me about the way I played in the first half – I can't believe I said “the other team is cheating and they must be sucking the cocks of those mother fucking refs because nothing is getting called against them”. The head coach didn't know I said it at half time but shortly after the second half started he found out about it. Apparently some of what I said went out of the TV broadcast before they were able to bleep it. The school AD came down on the side line and told him about it. He yanked me out of the game and sat me on the bench for the rest of the game. Before the end of the game, one of the assistant coaches came over and told me to “hit the showers” and to “report to the coach's office after my shower wearing only my towel”. Oh man, I don't know what is going to happen – if he kicks me off the team I will lose my scholarship. I can't afford this school without a scholarship. I know he sometimes paddles players for discipline – I wonder if I can get a paddling or something – I just can't lose my scholarship.

3. That was a great day off. Now back to the grind. What is this note in my box that the boss wants to see me? I just got back – what could it be? One of the other farm hands sees me and says “your ass is grass” – you left a gate open and the herd got out. It took all day yesterday to round them up and there are still a few that we haven't been able to get back in the pens. The boss was so mad at you for your carelessness – I think he is going to fire your ass. Oh man, I can't afford to lose this job. With the bad economy all these farms in the area have laid off farm hands and I don't have the training to do anything else. The other hand said that the boss had punished him before by giving him an ass whippin but that was not for an offense as severe as letting the herd get loose. I don't know if you can get off with just an ass whippin but if you do – I bet that you will never forget to close a gate again. I wonder what I am in for now ... and walk to the barn to see the boss...

4. Another scene that could be fun is that a cop is undercover in an area where gay men cruise for sex and give blow jobs. I approach him and get on my knees and proceed to give him a blow job. He pulls out his badge and tells me that I am under arrest. I beg and plead with him not to arrest me. I will be disgraced because the local paper posts the names and offenses of all the arrests. I will also lose my job. He tells me that my dad should have beat my ass when I was a kid and that maybe I would have known better than to have sex in public. I ask him if he can punish me himself instead of arresting me. He pauses and seems to be considering it... oh shit what have I asked for ...

I am also looking forward to the physical inspection/ navy discipline scene. I am open to any scenes you would like to do and I have a good imagination and am willing to play other scenes as well.

Looking forward to hearing more from you ...


Talking Heads - Lifetime Piling UpTalking Heads - Lifetime Piling UpTalking Heads - Lifetime Piling UpTalking Heads - Lifetime Piling Up