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When Gohan and Krillin arrive, Kishime attacks Gohan but is knocked aside by Krillin. Recovering, Kishime snares the two with his electric whips and shocks them repeatedly before throwing them into the air, where Ebifurya freezes them. Upon breaking free from the ice using the Kaio-ken , Goku knocks Ebifurya across the room with a single punch, and then circumvented Kishime's teleportation technique, dealing him a crushing blow to the back in midair during the Kaio-ken Finish .

Pikkon is a very wise fighter. He uses this to his advantage by planning out attacks. Pikkon even goes as far to correct Goku on his "sloppy" dodging and inability to concentrate, offering advice even in battle. When he first appears, he hardly speaks a word, but later opens up during his bout against Goku. Pikkon has heroic characteristics similar to Goku's, and fights for the good. Goku compares his personality to that of Piccolo, and even states that Pikkon and Piccolo would "get along great". In Fusion Reborn , he is seen becoming jealous when Goku gets to battle Janemba and he does not. He is also seen just as impatient when he asks Janemba where he came from, and he is shown to get quite angry when things do not go his way (an example being him yelling while trying to get the barrier encased around the Check-In Station to break).

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Mute Beat Japanese DubMute Beat Japanese DubMute Beat Japanese DubMute Beat Japanese Dub